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O General Air Conditioners 2024 Prices

TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R410A Wall Mounted123RASGA18-FD1.52,882ROTARYBuy Now
123RASGA24-FD2.03,353ROTARYBuy Now
120RASGA30-FU2.54,647SCROLLBuy Now
120RASGA18-FU1.53,096PISTONBuy Now
120RASGA24-FU2.03,471PISTONBuy Now
120RASGA36-FU3.06,130SCROLLBuy Now
TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R32 Wall Mounted Inverter123ASGH18CXTA-UZ1.53,496INVERTERBuy Now
TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R410A Ducted Split On-off123RARGA18 /126RAOGA181.54,690ROTARYBuy Now
123RARGA25 / 126RAOGA252.05,140ROTARYBuy Now
123RARGA30 / 126RAOGA302.56,370ROTARYBuy Now
120ARGA36FMTB-U / 124AOGA36FRTDSU3.08,100SCROLLBuy Now
120ARGA45FMTD-U / 124AOGA45FRTDSU4.09,180SCROLLBuy Now
120ARGA60FHTB-U / 124AOGA60FRTBSU5.011,000SCROLLBuy Now
TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R32 Ducted Split Inverter123ARGG18CLTA-U / 126AOGG18CBTA-U1.55,060INVERTERBuy Now
123ARGG24CLTA-U / 126AOGG24CBTA-U2.05,510INVERTERBuy Now
123ARGG30CLTA-U / 126AOGG30CBTA-U2.56,790INVERTERBuy Now
123ARGG36CLTA-U / 126AOGG36CBTA-U3.08,530INVERTERBuy Now
123ARGG48CMTA-U / 126AOGG48CRTA-U4.010,290INVERTERBuy Now
123ARGG60CMTA-U / 126AOGG60CRTA-U5.013,050INVERTERBuy Now
TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R410A Cassette Type123RAUGA181.55,330ROTARYBuy Now
123RAUGA252.05,740ROTARYBuy Now
123RAUGA302.56,760SCROLLBuy Now
TypeMODELTonnagePriceCompressor TypePurchase
R32 Cassette Type Inverter123AUGG18CRTA-UZ1.55,597INVERTERBuy Now
123AUGG45CRTA-UZ4.010,269INVERTERBuy Now
123AUGG54CRTA-UZ4.511,372INVERTERBuy Now
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Stay Cool, with General Air Conditioners Dubai

Are you looking for a new air conditioner? Look no further than us! We are a leading general AC supplier in the UAE, and we offer a wide range of ACs to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small unit for your home or a large unit for your business, we have the perfect AC for you.

Our ACs are all from top brands, such as Super General, Gree, and Nobel. We also offer a variety of features and options, so you can find the AC that’s right for you.

In addition to our wide selection of ACs, we also offer free installation. We know that installing an AC can be a daunting task, but we make it easy for you. Our experienced technicians will install your AC quickly and efficiently, so you can start enjoying the cool air right away.

We also offer a variety of financing options, so you can get the AC you need without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to learn more about our general ACs and to get a free quote.

Inverter and Unified Chasis Wall Mount Split Systems

Premium Wall Mounted with Inverter Models Air Conditioners Cool Faster than Non-Inverter Models.

O General’s Wall Mount Inverter Split Systems are equipped with Inverter technology, R32 Refrigerant, Harmonized UX Design, Withstanding Capacity of Desert Climate up to 55℃, and Silver ion filter.

o general split ac
Our Products​

We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.​

Split Systems

Split systems are the quietest and most efficient way to cool your home. They consist of two units: an indoor unit that cools the air in your home, and an outdoor unit that removes the heat from the air.


Window AC units are the most affordable and convenient way to cool your home. They are easy to install and maintain, and they can be moved from room to room as needed.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are the most efficient way to cool your home. They use less energy than other types of AC systems, such as window AC units and split systems. This can save you money on your energy bills.

Stay cool with General Air Conditioners – your trusted General air conditioner supplier in Dubai! Get the ultimate comfort and efficiency with our top-of-the-line General split AC units.


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